Thursday, 10 March 2011

Welsh live music.

Just found out some awesome news from the lovely gig organisers at Swn - they've just announced two super awesome artists to play gigs in Cardiff in June! It's the month of my birthday, so it's triple the awesome!

As well as organising their own yearly festival taking place in Cardiff, Swn put on gigs in the capital, and by doing so, bring a hell of a lot of amazing music to south Wales.

The first gig is the amazing Darwin Deez on the 1st of June. Love a bit of the Deez, his self-titled debut album is absolutely cracking, and he has a fantastic reputation as a performer.

The second gig announced is one I am absolutely thrilled about: Warpaint on the 24th! AH! The Fool was one of my favourite albums of last year and I've been wanting to see the girls live for ages. They've toured the UK a few times before, but I believe this is their first ever Welsh show, so yeah, definitely hella psyched for that one.

Am even more excited about the Warpaint gig as I get to review it for the fantastic blog The Girls Are - huzzah!

I'm sure all Welsh music lovers share my frustration that when good bands tour, they ALWAYS seem to ignore Wales, and this is rubbish. Thank goodness for Swn then, and other fantastic Welsh promoters, getting artists like Darwin Deez and Warpaint to visit our capital city :) but they can only continue doing great work like this if we actually buy tickets and go to the shows. It helps the bands and helps the promoters, as well as keeping us Welshies from whinging about lack of good gigs!

Facebook pages for both events can be found here - Darwin Deez and Warpaint - and to keep up to date with all the goings on of Swn, you can follow them on Twitter.

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