Friday, 4 March 2011

An introduction of sorts.

Hello there. This is yet another attempt at doing some blog kind of stuff - I did intend for my Tumblr to be for that kind of thing but I've just ended up filling it with pictures of forests and Kathleen Hanna. Incidentally, if that sounds like your kind of thing, you can find me at So I've started this as a more personal place to spill my thoughts.

So yeah, I'm Caitlin, 20 years old, and I hang about in my hometown of Swansea. I'm in my final year of an English degree, and as well as doing uni stuff, I play the ukulele, write zines, read, party and sleep: not always in that order.

The intention with this blog is not to have any one particular subject in mind, as I take an interest in so many different things that it would be unfair to just focus on one aspect of stuff I like. So literally, you could find absolutely anything here, as long as it holds my attention for more than 10 seconds and gets me thinking.

I'm sure that you, the reader, hate awkward first posts just as much as I hate writing them, so let's leave it there for now :)

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