Saturday, 5 March 2011

Love letter to Gaga.

Okay, I've had this video on repeat all weekend.

Say what you like about Gaga, but there is no way you can deny that she pushes boundaries with everything she does. I mean, look at the other cookie cutter female singers around today. I'm a bit conflicted on this issue really, it's wonderful that there are so many successful female singers, but unfortunately, they have started blending into each other. I know it's the nature of the industry, it's just a shame that female popstars appear to be riding each other's coattails. Some are AWESOME (Nicki Minaj springs straight to mind) but others suffer from being dull as dishwater. Not cool.

I had the luck to catch Lady Gaga on her tour last year, and she was fantastic, a real performer. What this video, and that tour, shows off is her unique aesthetics. In her few years that she's been doing her thing, she's done so many iconic things, aesthetics-wise: the McQueen armadillo shoes, the meat dress, the pastel hair...stuff that not many female popstars would touch with a bargepole. And for that reason alone, I adore what Lady Gaga does.

Despite the fact I'd defend Gaga to the death, the "Born This Way" video is still batshit insane. If you haven't subjected yourself to the 7 minutes of messed up births, skeletons and unicorns, you're kind of missing out.

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